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What's Uncommon here?

It's Website about Asperger's Syndrome! And it's written by the Uncommon Bostonian (That's me!) I'm still blogging on my blogs, but I keep a close on my two websites as well. (February 2009)

   I have two blogs which keep me very occupied.  One is called Outside In at http://www.yechristian.wordpress.com

The other blog is called Uncommon Bostonian and that's at http://www.uncommonbostonian.wordpress.com




WBCN-FM Is Off The Air! (8/10/09)

Amazing, but true.  On Wednesday, August 12, WBCN will no longer be at the 104.1 position on the FM dial where it's been for 41 years.  Just last month it was announced that Mix 98.5 will be moving to WBCN's frequency to become Mix 104 to allow the new sports talk station to take up residence at the 98.5 position.  Instead being kicked to the curb, WBCN will be online via their website.

Should I jump for joy because they never hired me for any position despite all that time I put in answering their listener and contest lines?  Actually, I feel it's rather sad about their fate because they couldn't do anything to prevent it.







My Much Older Uncommentaries



I spent the entire year of 2006 with more mischief than ever!  I had problems with my telephone line in January 2006 so it was hard for me to get online to do anything.  So I switched phone companies and got DSL.  On the first day of my using the DSL, my hard drive in my eMac crashed!  That was in February 2006.

There was a pattern of unfortunate and unpredictable events that went on in 2006.  It made it impossible for me to do anything over at this website, but I was still making entries over at my AOL blog, Outside In.  So a good accounting of what went on for the rest of 2006 is in its archives.  At least, I don't suffer from those annoying sinus headaches anymore.  Best of all, I am losing weight every week.  So far I've lost 25 pounds as of today (2/10/07). [Update: I've lost more than 40 pounds as of this date: (6/16/07).]

I'll take it as a sign that 2007 is a year of improvement for me.  Plus, I have time to work on my memoir again.

copyright February 2007



APRIL 23, 2005

So here I am with another disorder.  It's Apnea, according to the sleep clinic doctors at Beth Isreal in Boston.  For some bizarre reason, even though I am breathing while sleeping my brain thinks my body isn't getting enough oxygen so it keeps waking me up.  Hence I have a sleeping disorder.  That makes three after Asperger's Syndrome and Non-verbal Learning Disorder.  I was diagnosed with those two back in 2002.

Also on the medical front and just before I found out about my sleep disorder, Former President Bill Clinton had to have some fluid and scar tissue taken out of him at the beginning of March.  On the day before surgery he played golf with W's dad, GHWB, who is another former president.  Bill and W's dad seem to be an item nowadays, expecially when W mentioned that after surgery Bill woke up and saw his loved ones standing around: Hillary, Chelsea and GHWB.  OK, I know he was just kidding.  At least one of W's jokes was funny.

As for me it's back to sleep clinic next month to try out breathing masks.  The sleep clinic doctors want me to have a deep sleep while they study me.  In case you're wondering I sleep in a bed, not on the floor like Bill Clinton did for GHWB.  Hopefully I will learn what a deep sleep is like because I never slept deeply in my life.  Hope I have good dreams.

Regarding the car accident I had back in December, my body is improving in the back and neck area.  Unfortunately, my right knee is still giving me trouble.  That means I have to start seeing a physical therapist.  I never seem to have enought free time to write or even read books these days.  I was even hoping to start a public affairs radio show about Asperger's Syndrome, but that's been put off indefinately because of my car accident and other problems with getting that on the air.

On the bright side, Charles Laquidara is now doing an Internet radio show from Maui.  For details, check out his blog, The Big Mattress, for details.

Until next time.

copyright April 2005



It has been awhile since I made comments on here.  Life has thrown me a few curves of late.  Back in October 1994, I had another EEG.  This time it was at Children's Hospital in Boston.  The previous times were back in 2002 where I had three EEGs.  What can I say? I have strange brain waves!

The doctor looked at the results and told me that my brianwaves have abnormalities (nothing new to me in that department).  He recommended that I go to the Sleep Clinic at Beth Israel  which a few doors down the street from them.  This all came about because I have always had a history of troubled sleep.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason.  Sometimes I am very sleepy during the day and can't stay awake no matter what.  Thus the reason for the new EEG.

Now I had to wait a few months before meeting with a Sleep Clinic doctor to set up an appointment to spend the night at the Beth Israel Sleep Clinic.  My appointment is on President's Day (also my mom's birthday), Februrary 21, 2005.  I am writing this new Uncommentary on Saturday, February 19, 2005.  So I am a bit antsy about what they will find.  Maybe it's a sleep disorder or epilepsy.

The past few months have been hectic.  Last October my aunt who was a diabetic passed away.  She had been in the hospital for more than a month.  She went in there just before Labor Day and died on Columbus Day.  A day after Christopher Reeve passed away.  Who would have thought my aunt would outlive Superman.  Sad part of this was I wasn't able to attend her funeral because of my limited finances.

Last November my dad celebrated his 80th birthday.  I was able to attend that event in DC because my parents had to pay my way to get down there.  Boy do I hate having money problems!  I had a sinus headache the whole weekend I was there, but Daddy was glad to see me.  I was also was able to see the family again for Thanksgiving later that month.  My cousin Michael had a big Thanksgiving dinner at his house in Maryland.  We all had a good time there.

Last December I had a very serious car accident.  Two cars hit my Mustang during a minor snow storm and sent it right into a wire fence.  I had a lot of aches and pains, but at least I was able to get out of the car after hitting that fence.  Talk about luck.  I suffered a spinal injury, according to my chiropractor.  My back, neck and other places on my body were in a lot of pain during Christmastime.  My car, the Mustang, was repaired.  Thank heavens for auto insurance!  Good thing that came out of it was that I was able to spend Christmas in Boston with my cats and my friends, instead of going home to Washington, DC.  I love my family, but spending the holidays with them in recent years have been very stressful.

At the time of my car accident I had a very bad cold.  Recovering from that was easier than recovering from my car accident injury.  Unfortunately right after New Years' I got sick again.  Very frustrating because I had so many other things to do like tidying up my condo and other stuff (like working on my memoir).  I came down with the flu in early February and still feel a little bit weak.  Winter in Boston is not fun.

The person who got me interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting died in January.  His name was Johnny Carson.  I never personally met him, but I did send him a birthday card back in 2002 when I got the address of his fan club from his website.  Johnny was the host of "The Tonight Show" for 30 years.  I started watching him in 1977 during the summertime while on school vacation.  One day back in 1978 (if I am recalling this correctly) I had another bad experience at school which involved my fellow students picking on me about something and it resulted in getting me very upset and crying heavily.  One of my teachers told me that being shy wasn't so bad because it didn't stop Johnny Carson from achieving his career goals.  What she said really cheered me up that day.  I was grateful to Johnny and wrote in the birthday card I sent him about that day at school so many years ago.  I thanked him.

Sadly I never had the chance to meet him, but I will never forget him.  Of course, everyone will remember him for many years.

I haven't had much time to work on my two websites, but I want to do more with them.  Problem that I have is that these websites I have are PC friendly while I have a Macintosh at home.  I have to go to the Public Library to do changes to my two websites.  I have been thinking of getting a blog of my own to use for my "Uncommentaries," but I am not certain how often I will be making entries in one if I start one.  Stay tuned for when I will be making the big plunge into blogging.

Right now I have to think about the sleep study I'll be doing on Monday.  So I'll be right back after I learn whether or not I have sleep disorder or epilepsy.

copyright February 2005











[I should happily mention that today (9/6/04) that Bill Clinton made it through his heart surgery! Yippee!!]


It's been awhilie since my last entry which was back in May of 2004.  I have been busy with my writing.  The book proposal is coming along very well now, thanks to my writer's group.

Back on July 25, at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, I met former President Bill Clinton who was signing autographs of his memoir, MY LIFE.  I enjoyed meeting Bill for the first time ever and shaking his hand.  The only thing quite memorable about that meeting is that Bill had the brightest pink tie that I have ever seen!  I thought my eyeballs were going to melt from that brightness. 

I didn't mind the extra security they had at the store.  I had to be searched and scanned by metal detectors before I met Bill.  Afterwards, I imagined my day in the sun when I will be doing book signings for my memoir, UNCOMMON BOSTONIAN.  I can easily see my security people strip search Bill before he can get my autograph.

I can't wait.

Unitl next time...

(copyright August 2004)



A lot has happened in the last few months.  I was sad to hear about the passing of Alf Bicknell, the former chauffeur/bodyguard and confidant of the Beatles back in March.  I met him in September 2000 when the Club Beatles of New England had their annual convention in Massachusetts. The theme was John Lennon's 60th birthday.  I read my personal essay about where I was when I heard the news of John's tragic shooting.  It's called "I'll Never Forget Him."  I got a huge applause after I read it.  Alf was very nice to me and love my essay as well.  I even signed the petition to keep John's murderer in prison.  Afterwards, I bought Alf's memoir, Ticket to Ride, and loved it immensely.


So when I heard about Alf's passing, I cried a lot.  Just the day before I learned about J.J. Jackson, the host of the radio show called the Beatle Years, dying of a heart attack recently.  March was not a good month for me at all because Jan Barry of "Jan & Dean" passed away also in March.  The floodgates were open for my eyes.


As for me I am having fun at writing a book proposal for Uncommon Bostonian, my planned memoir about how I discovered that I have Asperger's Syndrome.  This story is the whole story of how I found out.  My "Confessions" mini-memoir on the other page is just the abridged version.  There's a lot more to my story.  The Internet's not big enough to cover it.


Until next time...



(copyright May 2004)